2015 Labor Film Festival Shortlist

03 Feb

These films are being considered for 2015 by labor film festivals. Inclusion in this list does not guarantee their inclusion; some may have already been dropped from consideration, while others may have been scheduled or are still under consideration. This list is intended to be a resource for labor film festival organizers looking for new ideas or for information about films already being considered; click on film title for more about the film or the filmfest abbreviation for contact info on the labor film festival considering the film. Please send any info you have on the films below — or your own 2015 list — to us at

DCLFF: DC Labor FilmFest

Alambrista! (DCLFF)
Battle of Local 5668, The (DCLFF)
Beneath the Harvest Sky (DCLFF)
Blood Fruit (DCLFF)
Champ of the Camp (DCLFF)
Compliance (DCLFF)
Eat Sleep Die (DCLFF)
Factory Boss (“Da gong lao ban”) (DCLFF)
Hand That Feeds, The (DCLFF)
Hard Times (40th anniv) (DCLFF)
Iron Ministry (DCLFF)
Jimmy’s Hall (DCLFF)
Joe Hill (1971) (2015 is 100th anniv of Hill’s death) (DCLFF)
Joy of Man’s Desiring (DCLFF)
Mill Stories: Remembering Sparrows Point (DCLFF)
No God, No Master (DCLFF)
Northern Lights (DCLFF)
Overnighters, The (DCLFF)
Price Check (DCLFF)
Scrapper (DCLFF)
Wobblies, The (DCLFF)

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