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Teamsters-UPS Strike (1997)

1997 Teamsters strike against UPS, produced by Teamsters, 8 minutes


Real Union Busting (1989)

1989 Pittston miners’ strike, 10 minutes  (civil disobedience)


NIGHTLINE Reports Decline of Unions – Patco Strike, Phelps Dodge, Hormel Strike

ABC Nightline on 1980s union-busting, 8 minutes


Nixon Intervenes in 1970 Postal Strike

TV coverage, 8 minutes


Deadline for Action (A 1946 Call To Action Pt 1)

21 minutes
This film produced by The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) gives a taste of the post WWII politics that led to the Taft-Hartley Act that restricts the ability of workers to join unions.


Strikes Threaten Industry (1946 strike wave)

Newsreel, 6 minutes
A wave of strikes occurred in 1946 after World War II ended and wartime wage-price controls began to erode. Here we see clips on labor disputes at Western Electric, Western Union, the auto industry, railroads, coal, ships, and trucking. The strike wave set the stage for passage of the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, which included injunctions for national emergency disputes.


Labor Unrest in Coal During and After WW2

Newsreel, 4 minutes
A strike in the coal industry during World War II leads to government intervention. After the war, another strike creates a pension fund. This video, made by the the United Mine Workers union UMW), features the union president, John L. Lewis, including congressional testimony. You can spot a brief shot of Congressman Richard Nixon at one point. Coal was a key industry in this era, supplying steel mills, railroad locomotives, electrical generators, and homes for heating.


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